Santa’s Tiniest Elves

Santa’s Tiniest Elves is a universal message of love and kindness. Each of Santa’s elves are assigned a special job at the North Pole. His tiniest elves are so small though, it seems impossible they would be able to do any assignment he gave them. One day, while watching them float around Aurora Borealis Mountain Santa suddenly realizes exactly what job they are meant to do and gives them the most wonderful and important job of all!

Santa’s Tiniest Elves can be Purchase Online: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BAM!

Meet the Keeper of the Northern Lights

Santa’s Tiniest Elves spins the current day view of Christmas back to its most elemental meaning, reminding readers of the true spirit of Christmas, the message to always live from your heart, be kind to everyone and spread love wherever you go.


Santa’s Tiniest Elves Meet the Keeper of the Northern Lights can be Purchase Online: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BAM!

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